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Thane Manch

The Thane Manch of NKGSB Sangh was established in 1996.

The Diamond Jubilee function of the parent organization, NKGSB Sangh, was celebrated on a grand scale in 1995.

Seeing the spontaneous response received to this programme, the interested members of the community from Thane and other neighbouring eastern suburbs, were motivated with enthusiasm to lay the foundation of Thane Manch, on 25th August 1996.

Objectives of Thane Manch:

  • As the community members are spread over a large area of Mumbai and its distant suburbs, to fulfil their need to decentralize the cultural activities of the Sangh and bring them closer to their homes.
  • To establish and run Matrimonial Guidance and Assistance centres for the members of NKGSB as well as the larger Saraswat community.
  • To provide professional guidance to community members with help of Senior and Successful members.
  • To provide outlet and encouragement to the talents of community members in Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Literature and other hobbies.
  • Organize social events such as community picnics, health & education camps, Haldi Kumkum, etc.


The following activities are regularly pursued for many years by Thane Manch.

  • One Day Picnic in the month of January.
  • Haldi Kumkum on Makar Sankranti.
  • Entertainment Programme, jointly with Mumbai Manch, in the month of May.
  • Haldi Kumkum in the month of Shravan (August/September)
  • Overnight Camps and guidance meetings, in various fields of interest.
  • Co-operation with Mumbai Manch, for Food Festival in the month of December.


  • Six Matrimonial centres are working throughout the year, under guidance of Thane Manch.
  • Ladies and Gents of the community meet once a month with their own Social groups.